November Photo A Day Challenge: Part 4

The last images of my November photo challenge are posted below! As November comes to a close I can confidently say that taking a photo for the word of each day definitely was challenging. There were many times where I was completely clueless what to take a photo of, but I realized that the photo didn’t have to match the conventional image of that word perfectly, and it was almost more interesting when the relationship between the two was a little less clear.

Completing the challenge was not an easy task, it was stressful at times and required a lot of time. I was constantly carrying my camera with me throughout the day, hoping to spot the perfect photo opportunity for the word of each day. Although, I can say it was completely worth it. It was fun to push myself to find an image that fit with the word and it forced me to think even more creatively about what the photo showed viewers. If you are stuck in a rut for photos, this is definitely a great way to push yourself out of the box and get inspired! Find a December photo challenge and try it for yourself, I’m sure you’ll surprise yourself with what you come up with as I did!


Day 19: Front Door


Day 20: Stranger

Processed with VSCO with fp1 preset

Day 21: Extreme Close Up

Snow on the ground photographed on an Iphone with a macro lens.


Day 22: Sadness

Initial sketches found of my grandmother’s house before it was first built. The sketches came to my attention just as we were going through the painful process of selling her house this fall. 

Day 23: A chore


Day 24: Grateful


Day 25: A number


Day 26: On the road


Day 27: New

The alpine ski team back on the slopes ready to practice for the new season.

Day 28: Shadow


Day 29: You


Day 30: My favorite



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