Travel Photography

In the dead of winter, I often find myself feeling completely uninspired. This may be because a lot of my photography revolves around the outdoors. I absolutely love taking environmental portraits and natural lighting is what I like working with best. The winter has limited lighting, and of course, Minnesota’s frigid temperatures don’t exactly welcome me to shooting outside.

I try not to let the temperatures pull me too far off track, but it at least gives me some time to plan for what kind of photos I want to take when it gets a little warmer. With February coming to a close, I am highly anticipating spring break, a time that I have carefully sketched out in my brain to really dive deep into taking photos.

Spring break can also entail traveling for some- which is a whole nother reason to take photos over break. Personally, traveling is something I value very highly in my life because I find that being surrounded by a new set of customs really is what keeps me inspired. I love being able to see new things and build on my outlook on life. There are more stories to tell as I can see things in a new light, and it fills my head with hundreds of new ideas.

Even if you aren’t traveling anywhere too far away over break, its still a great opportunity to travel to a new spot in the city that you’ve never been to. With a little bit of warmer weather, you can go hunting around until you find a scene that sparks your interest.

When I’m traveling, I’m usually constantly taking in everything I see.  I try to stay engaged in the environment and let my eyes do most of the work for themselves. I’m always looking for certain candid moments that catch my attention and that seem unique. Below are a few examples of the photos I have taken on various trips.


Costa Rica





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